Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thirteen Gift Ideas

Are you done with your christmas shopping yet? If not- consider these gift ideas:

1.Framed artwork or print.
2.Auto accessories, like floormats or mudflaps
3.Baby Gear,something for new parents
4.Body and Bath items, like soaps or moisturizers
6.Christmas candles
7.Clothes and Apparel
8.Computer accessories, like a wristpad or printer
9.Flowers or plants
10.Gift Basket
11.Health and Beauty Spa Treatment, like a facial or massage
12.Collectibles, like stamps or cards
13.Home Decor,like an area rug or coffee table


Anonymous said...

Am I the 1st to comment on this great TT?

Thanks for sharing this great list! Oh, how I love Christmas candles!

Happy TT from Germany,


P.S.: Blogger does not want me to comment using my identity today =(
If you like to visit me, please come around here... Thanks a lot!

Sweet Kitty said...

I don't shop for christmas-gifts coz I do them myself.
But if I would you're list is very helpful! Thx for sharing!
Hugs and happy TT from Germany,

Sweet like Kitty
Sonny's Xmas

Mikala said...

Quite of few of those are already on my list! Great idea for a TT and helpful!

Happy TT!

I’m up!

Skittles said...

I love candles.. always a good gift :)

Douglas Cootey said...

That was a lovely list. Makes me wish I was on your list this year. ;)

Hope your Christmas was just as lovely.


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